1st picture: rt to lft: gentelman unknown, Phil Hinotsky & John Lesniak.
first truck is John's, 2nd truck belongs to unknown person.
2nd picture :John Lesniak's truck.
3rd picture :Snell Lumber Yard,Herkimer, village,NY,U.S.A.

Thank you Joseph and Peter that made possible this new piece of collection to be added to the exhibits.
The saw was purchased around 1947 by Joe's father in law i.e. John Lesniak who operated a farm in Herkimer NY.
He used the saw primarily for cutting fire wood on his own land.
The family farm was sold a couple of years ago and Joe kept the saw with the intention of restoring it ( which never happened)
I noticed the saw in their barn last year and was curious about the history and value and researched it on the web and came into contact with yourself.The rest is history.
Regards....Peter Sjaardema

Saw history:
Hi Alain,
Thanks to Joe, Pete and you, my dad’s old chain saw will take on a new life. My father would be proud.
After my mother past away in 2007, we cleaned out house, garage and barns. The saw was brought to our home and sat in our barn, until Peter found you. I will try to give you as much information as I can.

The saw was purchased in 1946 or 1947 by John Lesniak. I don’t know from where other than the Herkimer, NY area. He and his wife Mary owned and operated a Dairy farm just outside the village of Herkimer, NY. They cut logs and sold them to the Snell Lumber Yard in the village. They had a team of horses ,that pulled the logs out of the woods. This was the first chain saw my father owned, prior to that, only firewood was cut with a crosscut saw and buzzsaw.

He, one of my uncles and a friend would cut the trees down, saw them into log sizes and hauled them off to the Lumber Yard.
My father and mother would cut the tops on logs not suitable for lumber for firewood. I am sending a couple of pictures of the trucks loaded with logs and a copy of the Snell Lumber Yard.
Anna Lyga ( Joe’s wife from whom I acquired the Mercury KB6AX). 1/26/10

DISPLACEMENT:15 cu. in. (245cc)
CYLINDER:Aluminum with cast iron sleeve
INTAKE:Reed valves
DRIVE:Bevel gear transmission, 2.57:1 ratio
CONSTRUCTION:Die cast aluminum
MAGNETO TYPE:Fairbanks Morse FM-JH2B
AIR FILTER SYSTEM:Skinner ribbon elements (2)
STARTER:Magnapull automatic rewind
OIL PUMP:tail stock, spring pressure feed
RPM:4,000 with mechanical governor
FUEL OIL RATIO:1/2 pint to 1 gallon
FUEL OCTANE:72 minimum
PITCH:3/4 in.

Military built but never delivered ...sold to public after WW2