MANUFACTURED BY:TERRILL D.D. SAW CO.BANGOR, MAINE, U.S.A. YEAR INTRODUCED:1957 ENGINE DISPLACEMENT:5.1 cu. in. (83.5 cc) NUMBER OF CYLINDERS:1 CYLINDER BORE:2.00 in. (50.8mm) PISTON STROKE:1.625 in. (41.2mm) CYLINDER TYPE:Aluminum with cast iron liner INTAKE METHOD:Reed valves WEIGHT :24 lbs. (10.8 kg.) OPERATOR CONFIGURATION:One Man operation HANDLEBAR SYSTEM:Rigid CHAIN BRAKE:none CLUTCH:Centrifugal DRIVE TYPE:Gear reduction CONSTRUCTION:Sand cast aluminum MAGNETO TYPE:Wico FW2317 CARBURETOR:Tillotson HP series STARTER TYPE:Fairbanks Morse automatic rewind OIL PUMP:Automatic IGNITION TIMING:1/4" before TDC BREAKER POINT SETTING:0.020 in. (0.51mm) FLYWHEEL/COIL AIR GAP:fixed SPARK PLUG TYPE:Champion J-12-J SPARK PLUG GAP:0.040 in. (1.01mm) CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS:Ball FUEL OIL RATIO:1/2 pint to 1 gallon RECOMMENDED FUEL OCTANE:Regular MIX OIL SPECIFICATION:SAE 30 CHAIN PITCH:1/2 in. CHAIN TYPE:Oregon 10C SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED:14 in. (35cm) LONGEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED:36 in. (91cm) COLOUR SCHEME:Yellow and Red enamel