HISTORY:Since it is non existent, I have contacted John D. Wenzel, Jr. the current president of the company gathering historical information about the creation and evolution of the company through decades till present time.
Thank you John for your dedication and cooperation. Without your assistance it would have been impossible.

We have a brief history, but the history is really of two companies, Lancaster Pump, which sold the pumps and chain saws and C-B Tool Co. the machine shop that made the chain saws and pumps. C-B Tool bought the assets of Lancaster Pump in 1978.
C-B tool did the work and Lancaster Pump got the credit. My step father who was the son of the founder of C-B Tool Co and eventually owned the company which held some chainsaw patents. The one that I remember was the chain tightener.
A Brief Look Into Our Company's History:
Located in the heart of Lancaster County , Pennsylvania, Lancaster Pump's history and Image reflects the conservative, solid, quality way of life that has come to be expected of the area in which it began -it was organized with a handshake and has maintained that honest attitude throughout its sixty-plus years. The history of Lancaster Pump is really the history of two companies.
In 1942, the late F. Earl Brimmer formed a partnership with the late Kurt H. Aronsohn, a German hydraulic engineer who came to the U. S. in 1938. Mr. Aronsohn was a leader in his native country in the development of domestic water systems. The two men organized “Lancaster Pump and Manufacturing Company", occupying a small storeroom in town.
Shortly after its conception, Paul L. Stauffer joined the organization and eventually became the president after the deaths of Brimmer and Aronsohn, until retirement in 1978. Being wartime and unable to secure machinery for manufacturing purposes, the company started on a distributorship basis and sold within a very limited territory . Desperately looking for manufacturing facilities, the late Charles L. Beard, founder of "C-B Tool Co.", a local manufacturer of automotive parts and small hand operated tools, was contacted and was very receptive to the idea of producing the "Lancaster Pump".
The historic moment was when Aronsohn said: "Charlie, if you make the pumps, I'll sell them". They shook hands, never signed a contract and operated as one company until 1978, when the assets of both companies merged into one corporation. Long gone are the days of Charlie and Aronsohn. Today you will find Charlie's son, William "Bill" Beard as the guiding force in both, C-B Tool Co. and it's division, Lancaster Pump.
For over 60 years, Lancaster Pump has manufactured a complete line of well and water pumps for residential, commercial and industrial use, as well as a complete line of residential and commercial water treatment equipment including water softening, water filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, chemical feed pumps, and ultra violet water purification.
John D. Wenzel, Jr.
President C-B Tool Co. / Lancaster Pump and Water Treatment

First saw produced by the Lancaster Pump & MFG.Co.

DISPLACEMENT:4.7 cu. in. (77cc)
BORE:2.0 in. (50.8 mm)
STROKE:1.50 in. (38 mm)
CYLINDER:Aluminum with cast iron sleeve
INTAKE:Reed valves (6)
CONSTRUCTION:Sand cast magnesium