Model A...the world's first scyhthe invention called the "SCYTHETTE".

Company: Hoffco Outdoor power equipment of Richmond Indiana U.S.A..
5 types of attachments was available.(see history on the right)
World's first direct drive scythe chainsaw invented by Dave and Steve Hoff..
Their first chain saw was produced in 1959.

Chainsaw blade attachment: called the "Sawette".
Engine: West Bend model 2752
Hp: 2
RPM: Goverened at 4000 RPM.
BORE: 1.75 in. (44.4mm)
Carburator: float type Tillotson MD.
AIR FILTER:Flocked wire screen
CLUTCH: Centrifugal
Ignition: Wico points
Starter: rope start
CONSTRUCTION: cast aluminum
cutting range: 15cm...4 inches branches or brushes.