MANUFACTURED BY: PARTNER AB MOLNDAL, SWEDEN SERIES OR ASSEMBLY NUMBER: YEAR INTRODUCED: 1977, March YEAR DISCONTINUED: ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 70cc (4.27 cu. in.) NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 1 CYLINDER BORE: 50mm (1.96 in.) PISTON STROKE: 36mm (1.42 in.) CYLINDER TYPE: Nickel Silocon Carbide coated aluminum (Nikasil) INTAKE METHOD: Piston ported MANUFACTURER ADVERTISED H.P.: 3.0 kW (4.1 hp) WEIGHT: 6.3 kg (13.9 lbs.) powerhead only OPERATOR CONFIGURATION: One Man operation HANDLEBAR SYSTEM: CHAIN BRAKE: CLUTCH: Centrifugal DRIVE TYPE: Direct CONSTRUCTION: Die cast magnesium MAGNETO TYPE: Ignitron Transistorized electronic CARBURETOR: Tillotson HS-172B series MAJOR REPAIR KIT: RK-23HS MINOR REPAIR KIT: DG-5HS/T AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Nylon mesh element STARTER TYPE: Partner automatic rewind OIL PUMP: Automatic adjustable MAXIMUM ENGINE RPM: 8,500 IDLE RPM: IGNITION TIMING: fixed, 26 degrees before TDC BREAKER POINT SETTING: FLYWHEEL/COIL AIR GAP: SPARK PLUG TYPE: Bosch WS5E or Champion CJ6 SPARK PLUG GAP: 0.5mm (.020 in.) CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS: Ball FUEL TANK CAPACITY: .75 litres (1.32 Imperial pints) FUEL OIL RATIO: 50:1 with Partner Oil otherwise 25:1 RECOMMENDED FUEL OCTANE: Regular MIX OIL SPECIFICATION: Partner Mix Oil CHAIN PITCH: 9.5mm (.375 in.) CHAIN TYPE: Oregon 73D BAR MOUNT PATTERN: SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 33cm (13 in.) LONGEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 61cm (24 in.) COLOUR SCHEME: Partner Yellow and Black enamel PAINT CODES: ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST: SERVICE MANUAL: COMMENTS: New 70cc model based on R16 chassis. Features built in decompression function at exhaust port named "T Port" system.