IEL model K 1939 (made by IEL).

First Canadian saw made in Canada(Vancouver). Upon purchase of the former RP(Reed-Prentice)American company(U.S.A.)by a group of business man, this was their last model produced and the first of the new canadian IEL company under J.D Smith general manager from R.P(REED-PRENTICE).....very rare saw.

MANUFACTURED BY: IEL (Industrial Engineering Ltd.) VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA SERIES OR ASSEMBLY NUMBER: YEAR INTRODUCED: 1939 (by D.J. Smith Co.) YEAR DISCONTINUED: 1943 NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 1 INTAKE METHOD: Piston ported WEIGHT : 119 lbs. OPERATOR CONFIGURATION: Two Man operation HANDLEBAR SYSTEM: Rigid CHAIN BRAKE: none CLUTCH: Manual dry plate DRIVE TYPE: Bevel Gear Transmission CONSTRUCTION: Sand cast aluminum MAGNETO TYPE: Flywheel type CARBURETOR: IEL brass float type AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Metal screen STARTER TYPE: Rope OIL PUMP: Manual CHAIN PITCH: 3/4 in. CHAIN TYPE: IEL Scratcher type SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 36 in. COLOUR SCHEME: Aluminum castings, black enamel tank & handles