MANUFACTURED BY: STIHL ANDREAS MASCHINENFABRIK STUTTGART, GERMANY SERIES OR ASSEMBLY NUMBER: 1115 YEAR INTRODUCED: 1974 YEAR DISCONTINUED: ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 75ccm (4.57 cu. in.) NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 1 CYLINDER BORE: 50mm (2.0 in.) PISTON STROKE: 38mm (1.52 in.) CYLINDER TYPE: Aluminum with chrome plated bore INTAKE METHOD: Piston ported MANUFACTURER ADVERTISED H.P.: WEIGHT: 8.4kg with 33cm bar & chain 18.48 lbs. with 13 in. bar & chain OPERATOR CONFIGURATION: One man operation HANDLEBAR SYSTEM: Anti-vibration CHAIN BRAKE: Optional CLUTCH: Centrifugal DRIVE TYPE: Direct CONSTRUCTION: Die cast magnesium MAGNETO TYPE: Bosch (Thyristor electronic ignition) CARBURETOR: Tillotson HS-118B series MAJOR REPAIR KIT: RK-21HS MINOR REPAIR KIT: DG-3HS/T AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Wire gauze element STARTER TYPE: Stihl automatic rewind OIL PUMP: Automatic MAXIMUM ENGINE RPM: IDLE RPM: IGNITION TIMING: 2.7mm (0.108 in.) before TDC BREAKER POINT SETTING: none FLYWHEEL/COIL AIR GAP: 0.2 to 0.3 mm (0.008 to 0.012 in.) SPARK PLUG TYPE: Bosch WSR6F SPARK PLUG GAP: 0.5mm (0.020 in.) CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS: Ball FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 820ml FUEL OIL RATIO: 40:1 with Stihl oil RECOMMENDED FUEL OCTANE: Regular MIX OIL SPECIFICATION: Stihl two-cycle chain saw mix oil CHAIN PITCH: 3/8 in. CHAIN TYPE: Stihl BAR MOUNT PATTERN: SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 33cm (13 in.) LONGEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 50cm (25 in.) COLOUR SCHEME: Grey with Red top