The machine was designed by Crescent and marketed as Crescent 06. Husqvarna received it under an agreement. Husqvarna had agreed to stop producing boat engines, in exchange Crescent to produce no more chainsaws. Another interesting thing about this model is that it was marketed for export as Partner TS. MANUFACTURED BY: HUSQVARNA VAPENFABRIKS AB HUSKVARNA, SWEDEN SERIES OR ASSEMBLY NUMBER: 70, 70E, 70F YEAR INTRODUCED: 1963 YEAR DISCONTINUED: 1964 ENGINE DISPLACEMENT: 70cc (4.27 cu. in.) NUMBER OF CYLINDERS: 1 CYLINDER BORE: 45 mm PISTON STROKE: 44 mm CYLINDER TYPE: Aluminum with chrome plated bore INTAKE METHOD: Piston ported MANUFACTURER ADVERTISED H.P.: ca 4 hk WEIGHT: 8.5 kg OPERATOR CONFIGURATION: One Man operation HANDLEBAR SYSTEM: Rigid CHAIN BRAKE: none CLUTCH: Centrifugal DRIVE TYPE: Direct CONSTRUCTION: Die cast magnesium MAGNETO TYPE: Bosch CARBURETOR: Tillotson HL series MAJOR REPAIR KIT: MINOR REPAIR KIT: AIR FILTER SYSTEM: Nylon mesh cartridge STARTER TYPE: Automatic rewind OIL PUMP: Automatic MAXIMUM ENGINE RPM: 6,400 IDLE RPM: IGNITION TIMING: BREAKER POINT SETTING: 0.4 mm (0.016 in.) FLYWHEEL/COIL AIR GAP: Position is fixed SPARK PLUG TYPE: Bosch W 175 T1 SPARK PLUG GAP: 0.5 mm (0.020 in.) CRANKSHAFT MAIN BEARINGS: Ball FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 700 ml FUEL OIL RATIO: 25:1 RECOMMENDED FUEL OCTANE: Regular MIX OIL SPECIFICATION: Two-cycle mix oil CHAIN PITCH: .404 in. CHAIN TYPE: BAR MOUNT PATTERN: 17 link SHORTEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 33 cm ( 13 in.) LONGEST GUIDE BAR SUPPLIED: 45 cm (18 in.) COLOUR SCHEME: Husqvarna Orange and Black enamel