a chainsaw value ???the big question!!!!!!!!!
Chainsaw value...This is the big question no collector's want to answer since there is no real answer. Many factors can influence the price of a saw such as the overall mechanical condition of the saw, the quality of the paint and decals, the saw is a runner or can only be used for parts, parts are missing or broken to name only a few.

You cannot put a price tag on a chainsaw and if you intend to sell one dont think that you are sitting on a gold mine...........

In a collector's point of view what is the saw worth for you "THE BUYER"??? You need to figure out what it is worth to you. As a collector, i cant know that............. This could be influenced by a sentimental value, a saw that was own by a relative. Selling or buying it for a friend and more.....Only a transaction that will make both parties happy will occur if you have an idea of what you want for your saw............. otherwise it is just like buying anything. If you have a price in mind to sell a saw.........tell the buyer your asking price or preferably "ASK FOR OFFERS" and only then you will find who might have an interest and the saw may sell.

I have many time seen this question raised and asked to me and waisted my time to give prices and made offers for people that were only "fishing" and even after we agreed on a price only to find out that they dissapeared and communication was stopped and the saw was already sold to someone else.

I am not a saw seller....just a collector that wants to keep this history alive.